How to change the teenagers’ bad behavior/ attitude

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Nowadays, it is popular that many parents have troubles in managing their teenager's bad behavior and less-than-desirable attitude. Some parents feel that they are losing control gradually with their teenager, so they decide to give out strict punishment, over-control him/her or react to every thing their teenager does and says.


Do you know that your decision or reaction may influence on your teenagers. You should not make a decision in angry that can generate obstacles in relationship. They will avoid you, keep a distance with you.


So what can you do to teach your teenagers without breaking the  relationship?


  • Choose proper decision


You should list what you want their teen to stop and prepare what you need to do. However, it should remember that your decision is not too tough as well as too smooth. In stead of create conflicts, it is better to set up a comfortable environment so that your teen can change their behavior and attitude.


  • Create the limits


It is necessary to make clear the limits for things that you want your teenager change. It is not a list of rules but what you can accept and can not. However, these are something you should discuss with your teen which show that you are not bossy.


  • Make conversation


It is vital for you to talk to your teen about your opinion. Let them know that you do not satisfy with their behavior and you want them to change. Besides, it is crucial to discuss with them about the limits as well as the result of breaking them.


  • Stop bad behavior immediately


One of causes for the bad behavior in teen is that parents allow their teen to talk with no respect everyday. This allowance make them think that the parent accept it. You should let your teen know their behavior is unacceptable, ask them stop and tell them the punishment they will get if they continue.


  • Remain constantness


To achieve the best result, you should implement above things constantly. It is useless that you follow these things today, but not tomorrow. Punish your teen as you talked every time they step over the limits.


  • Look at the fact first


It is important to keep calm in any situation. It is a good habit if you write down what happen on the paper. Write what mistake your kids make and how they respond when you point out this mistake. On the other hands, you also write your feeling at that time. That can help you resolve problems in a proper way. Losing control in your emotion will become the culprit for breaking the relation ship.


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How to change the teenagers’ bad behavior/ attitude

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This article was published on 2009/12/11